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Consultancy Services for the Design, Environmental and Social mpact Assessment and Construction Supervision of the Upgrading of the Luansobe - Mpongwe (D468) Road (50km) on the Copperbelt Province


Road Development Agency

Value of Services

≈ $370,000.00

Assignment Completion

November 2010

Narrative Description of the Project

Road upgrade from gravel surface to bituminous surface of Provincial Road 6.1m width; length 50 km. Carried out Designs, Environmental Social Impact Assessment and Construction supervision.

Services Provided by Our Staff

  • Topographical Surveys, Materials Investigations and traffic surveys
  • Pavement and Geometric Designs of road, drainage
  • Environmental Social Impact Assessment(EIA) and Statement
  • Preparation of the Environmental Social Management Plan
  • Preparation of the Resettlement Action Plan
  • Construction monitoring,
  • Measurement of satisfactory work, and preparation of payment certificates,
  • Budgetary and quality control,
  • Approving Soil/materials testing,
  • Checking contractors’ surveys.

Professional Staff Provided by Our Firm

  • Resident Engineer
  • Assistant Resident Engineer
  • Surveyor