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Technical Audit of the Rehabilitation of the Great East Road (T4) from Nyimba to Sinda (114.780 Km)


Road Development Agency

Value of Services

≈ $130,000.00

Assignment Completion

August 2017

Narrative Description of the Project

Objective of the services is to ensure the technical compliance of works performed by the civil works contractor (Contractor) and the construction supervision consultant (CSC) and to assess, evaluate and provide a factual report on the effectiveness of the processes and procedures in use during Project implementation.

Services Provided by Our Staff

  • Assess, evaluate and provide factual reporting on the works/services carried out by the Supervision Consultant and the Contractor;
  • Perform diagnosis of the set of procedures and mechanism used by the Contractor and Supervision consultant;
  • Verify whether works performed by the Contractor and Consultant complies with criteria in quality, cost (economy) and efficiency;
  • Verification of project goal fulfillment;
  • Identify implementation constraints or short coming and propose recommendations to improve existing arrangements;
  • Identify any additional or remedial works required;
  • Investigate the socio-economic impacts of the works.

Professional Staff Provided by Our Firm

  • Team Leader
  • Material Expert
  • Contract Specialist
  • Environmental Specialist