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Consulting Services for the Design and of the Sub-structures for the Prefabricated Steel ACROW Panel Bridges in North-Western Province


Road Development Agency

Value of Services

≈ $510,000.00

Assignment Completion

April 2018

Narrative Description of the Project

Objective of the Services is to undertake the Detailed Engineering Designs of the sub-structures, Conduct an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, Preparation of Bidding Documents and Terms of Reference for the Supervision of the Bridge Sub-structures construction and Bridge components assembling to optimal, cost-effective and economically justified standards.

Services Provided by Our Staff

  • Geo-technical investigations at the site;
  • Bridge option analysis;
  • Determination of hydrological and hydraulic characteristics;
  • Investigation and testing of locally available bridge and road construction materials for both suitability and quantity;
  • Detailed engineering design for the bridges, foundations and access roads including working drawings;
  • Cost Estimations;
  • Prepare tender documents;
  • Provision of adequate, as well as improved safety features including road marking, traffic signs and guardrails;
  • Environmental project brief
  • Preparation of the Environmental Social Management Plans

Professional Staff Provided by Our Firm

  • Bridge/Drainage Engineer
  • Materials/Geotechnical Engineer
  • Hydrologist/Drainage Engineer
  • Surveyor
  • Environmental Specialist
  • Social Scientist