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Kasomeno-Mwenda Toll Road Survey/Study


Athari Infrastructure Development Ltd

Value of Services

≈ $88,000.00

Assignment Completion

March 2018

Narrative Description of the Project

The Kasomeno – Mwenda Toll Road is a proposed new route which will connect the Provinces of Katanga in Democratic Republic of Congo to Zambia at Mwense in Luapula Province. It will serve as an attractive key alternative route for vehicular and potential passenger transport to and from Tanzania via Zambia.

Services Provided by Our Staff

  • Assess the potential level of traffic and vehicular movement on to the proposed route to and from Katanga Provinces
  • Conducting road side interviews
  • Conducting manual and automatic traffic counts
  • Stated preference surveys
  • Journey time surveys
  • Bicycles and goods surveys

Professional Staff Provided by Our Firm

  • Project Manager
  • Team Leader
  • Traffic Specialist